Things You Should Do At The Start Of A Relationship


When you are at the start of a new relationship you might be feeling a mix of different emotions.  Some might be feeling excited about the possibilities that might come in the future of the relationship while others might be a nervous wreck.  No matter what you are feeling there are several things that you can do to help the start of your new relationship be the best that it can be. 

Get Rid Of Your Baggage

When you are beginning a relationship the best thing to do is to come into the relationship baggage free.  What this means is that if you have an ex partner that has been hanging around and he or she is not getting the hint to stay away it is now time for you to say good bye for good.  No one entering a new relationship will want to have to worry about competition from an ex.

Be Best Friends

What many people do not realize is that one of the most important things for you to do is to be best friends with your partner.  You should get to know each other and tell each other about how your day was.  Most importantly you will want to talk about your future and what you wish to accomplish in life.  Having goals and both of you knowing what each other want will help to grow the relationship.

Be Independent

Even though you are in a committed relationship you will need to still be independent.  You should still keep you own life and you own things such as your friends, job and your own responsibilities.  You should also continue to have a “me” not every so often so that you will not lose sight of yourself.

Be Yourself

In the beginning of a relationship many people will try to be someone they are not to try and earn the respect of the other person.  However you should definitely be yourself in the beginning so that your partner will get to know the real you.  This way your partner will learn to love the real you.

You Should Have Fun Together

There is an old saying that says “the couple that plays together stays together”.  You should find a sport or a hobby that you can both enjoy together and as your schedule permits you should indulge yourself in that activity.  When you are together you should make your relationship the priority and not the other things around you.

Avoid Texting

In today’s world of technology everyone is always texting someone.  This is because it is super easy and it is a quick way to get a message to someone.  However this message of communication should not be the top choice for those you are in a relationship.  Texting should not be used to have entire conversations.  Anything important should wait until you are face to face.  This will give you the ability to not misinterpret the tone of the text message.

Keep Your Communication Open

Your partner is not a mind reader and will usually not know what you are thinking.  You should both have an open line of communication from the very beginning of the relationship.  Being open and honest is one of the best things that you can do to help your relationship grow.

Do Not Compare Your Relationship To Others

It is not healthy for you to compare your relationship to the others around you.  Each relationship is different and will move at it’s own speed.  You should enjoy getting to know each other without the pressure of keeping up with the others around you.

When you are starting a new relationship you should be prepared for its ups and downs.  However by following the helpful tips above you should be able to watch your relationship grow and get stronger everyday.

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