Signs Which Shows A Guy Likes You

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Guys like to leave a girl guessing and playing the game of he likes me, he likes me not. However if you watch closely you should be able to read the signs that the guy is giving stating that he does like you. If you search the question of “does he like me” on the Internet you will find that the question is one of the most popular questions around. Girls are always asking this question.

When dealing with guys it can be a very frustrating and confusing experience but the fact that when a guy likes you it can be completely obvious is something that will never change. All guys act the same and there are several signs to look for to figure this out.

He Does The Initiating

A telltale sign that a guy likes you is that he will be the one to initiate the conversation first. For example if you are at a party he might be the one that seeks you out and starts the first conversation. If you are not close to each other he will find a way to reach out to you first. If he really wants to talk to you it does not require much of an excuse. He will think of something to say and how to say it.

A perfect example is that if he likes you he might ask questions that he already knew the answer to or does not really need to ask you. He might also start a conversation he really does not need to have with you just to have something to say.

He Will Listen To What You Say And Remember Every Detail

If you like someone you will typically listen to what the other person has to say and you will remember every detail clearly. It does not matter if the story is boring or if you are totally not interested in what that person has to say about something but when a guy likes you he will be able to repeat everything you just told him in detail.

When a guy is speaking to you and asking you a lot of questions regarding yourself and questions about your like it should show you that he is taking a true interest in who you are as a person. If he remembers details that you have given him he is a definite keeper.

Body Language Clues

Body language can tell you a lot about how a person sees you. If you find that a guy is trying to mimic your body language what this tells you is that he is trying to connect with you on your level. You can also see this if he is leaning towards you when he is talking to you and maintaining eye contact with you. Another thing to notice is if he touches you while he is speaking to you. This could be putting his hand on your arm or finding other ways to accidentally touch you.

Acts Different Around You

If a guy likes you it is not hard to tell because they will typically act different around you. For example he might be a little more nervous around you than his friends and may not act quite so macho like he does around others.

Gives You Compliments

Guys will not typically comment on how someone looks unless he is interested in you. Many times they will not even notice what someone else is wearing. Therefore if you find that a guy is complementing you on what you have on more than likely he likes you.

Guys are easy to read if you know exactly what you are looking for. Guys will give strong indicators if they are interested in you and knowing what these signs are will give you the clues that you need.

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