How To Dress On Your Big Day

When planning your big day there are many different things that will require your attention.  However one of the most important items of that day will be how you dress.  There are many different styles, a large variety of colors and too many accessories to select from.  The decisions can be an overwhelming task and will leave many bride and grooms feeling lost and confused.  However there are many tips that can be given to the happy couple to help give them some guidance when trying to make the many decisions necessary to help make the day special.  This article will give the bridge and groom many different tips on how to dress on your big day.


If you are looking for a more modern look for your wedding one of the growing styles is a modern slim fit suit.  There are many different styles and materials that these suits are made of and depending on when your wedding is being held that could depend on what type of suit you select.  For example if you are having a daytime wedding and it is being held outdoors you might select a suit made of linen and in a lighter color.  However if the wedding is in the evening you might want a classier look, which would lead you to a darker color.  You will find that when you are looking for your suits that there are many more colors to select from other than the traditional black.  There are now options of grey, tan and even navy.  There are also choices to be made when deciding what color ties and shoes.  A wedding shop can help you to figure out what kind of decisions should be made when looking at colors.

Dresses And Shoes

Believe it or not the top choice for wedding dresses these days is a vintage feel known as a silhouette.  Many are selecting long dresses with sleeves that are capped, ¾ length sleeves, long sleeves or even sleeves that flutter.  Other styles that have been seen this season are ones that include jackets.

Of course when you are picking out a dress you are going to want to pick out your shoes also.  Many brides are no longer going with the traditional white shoes but instead are selecting shoes that have some color to them such as bright blues, or pink and some even have glitter and metallic touches to them.  Even though the dress has the traditional vintage look the shoes make the ensemble more modern.


Most people think that the attire for the wedding will be the most expensive part of the entire wedding.  However you will be happy to hear that the budget does not have to be completely eaten up by the dresses, suits, shoes and other accessories.  There are certain times during the year when shopping for your gown will payoff.  For instance if you shop at the end of the summer when the fall lines start to appear you will find that there are large discounts on designer dresses.  If you are looking for the same designer for both the men and the women in the wedding party you will be happy to know that some designers have lines for both men and women for a faction of the cost than others.  So not only will you be looking good you will save money as well.

When it comes down to it no one cares how much money was spent on the wedding attire.  What really matters is the vows that are being exchanged.  Of course a wedding is something people will always remember so you will want to look good and following the tips above will help to make that happen.

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