Tips To Giving The Perfect Kiss

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Everyone has the dream of giving and receiving the perfect kiss.  What every woman wants is the kiss that makes her leg pop up and what every man wants is the kiss that makes him not forget the woman that he is with.  Believe it or not there are not many people who know how to kiss and have it come naturally.  Many times people need to hear tips and even practice.  This article will help to give the beginner kisser the tips he or she needs to know before kissing that special someone.

Making Your Move

Giving the perfect kiss can often depend on the perfect moment to make your move but is the perfect way to show your affection.  However the perfect moment for everyone will always be different.  There really are no rules about when and where the perfect kiss should take place.

The important thing about making your move is that it has to be the right person and it should feel like the right thing to do for both people.  Some people like the art of surprise and are bold and decisive with the kiss especially the first one.  But unfortunately there are some people who do not like to be shocked into submission.  The point that is trying to be made here is to be confident but not surprising when trying to give the kiss of a lifetime.

Not only is the art of surprise necessary for the perfect kiss but you should also know how to complement your partner’s move with your own moves.  Often times both of the people will take turns leading the kiss.  This can make for a mixed form of chaos during the kiss and can lead to much excitement.

Dealing With A Hopeless Kisser

There are many people out there who have absolutely no idea how to kiss.  They have no technique or skills what so ever.  If you run into this situation there are tips to help you push your way through it.  The main tip to help you in this uncomfortable situation is to take control of the kiss and demonstrate what needs to be done.  This includes all aspects of the perfect kiss.  It is just like giving the other person a lesson in kissing.

The Perfect Kiss Fundamentals

Believe it or not there are exercises that you can do for your face to get it fit for the perfect kiss.  These fundamentals will help you to get your tongue, lips and face muscles fit and in shape.  Just like an athlete your performance will be better the better shape you are in.  You can find more information regarding these exercises for your face just by researching.

The Unwanted Kiss

Getting that perfect kiss may often times result in also getting an unwanted kiss.  It may be from someone who is much older than you or even from someone who smells funny.  It does not matter the reason why you do not want to kiss if you do not want it there are ways to stop it.  If you do not want to be as blunt as smacking the person who is trying to kiss you there are other effective ways such as a well-timed cough.  This is subtle but to the point as well as simply turning your head away.  Other ways to stop an unwanted kiss is to give an unenthusiastic hug or make up some excuse such as a cold core coming on.  These will all stop the kiss from happening.

Just as the beginning of the article says everyone dreams of giving and receiving the perfect kiss.  There are many techniques to be given when the perfect kiss is the subject.  Not every one of the techniques will work for all but if you follow the steps above you could find yourself on the way to a fairy tale kiss.

The art of a perfect kiss can be judged on the person’s technique when giving the kiss or even how well in shape the faces are that are involved in the kiss.  As humans we all dream of kissing the person we are attracted to and having the kiss be perfect.  However often times we do not know how to give the perfect kiss or even how to receive it.  This article from Teacher Love will help to explain the techniques behind giving the kiss of a lifetime as well as getting our faces in shape.  Other items that are discussed in article below are items such as what to do when the kiss is not wanted.  Do you smack the person or simply turn your head?  These are questions that all of us have and do not want to admit it.

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