Common Things That Happen While On Your First Trip As A Couple

first trip as a couple

Going on your first trip as a couple is definitely a huge step in your relationship and can often times either make your relationship stronger or break it all together.  This will definitely be a milestone in your relationship.  Many people think of as a first trip together as being the perfect time to see how you work as a team and see if you will strikeout or if you will be able to make it last.  In this article you will find many different things that commonly happen when you find yourself on your first trip as a couple.


One Of You Will Get Sick

One of the biggest disasters that can happen when you are traveling as a couple is that one of you if not both of you will end up getting sick.  A common reason for getting sick is due to food and mixed with jet lag can be a bad combination.  Many of you will have stomachs that are not used to the different variety of food that will be served and it can have disastrous consequences.  However taking care of each other can be a good way to see what the future holds when you are sick.


Delays Happen

There is nothing you can do about a delay.  The delay might be something that is your fault such as leaving tickets or even your passport at the hotel or you are going to miss your flight because of a train delay.  Often times things are out of your control so rather than have a meltdown about it you should laugh together about it and face the fact that it is going to happen.


Technology Is Not That Important

When you are at home and on your own turf you will feel like you are always in a work mind set.  When you are on vacation you will find that your telephones, emails and any other type of technology will take a backseat and will not seem that important to you.


You Will Feel In Love

The feeling of being out of town with the person that you love will make the love  you  feel even stronger.  However if you do not feel feelings such as these you should just enjoy the trip and possibly reevaluate the relationship once you get home.


Do Not Fret If You Get Lost

Getting lost while on a trip together is no reason for panic, as many people would do.  Try to see this opportunity as a way to be a thrill seeker and find some new discoveries while trying to find your way to the original destination.



While on a trip you will often learn little habits that might make you a little crazy.  You might have noticed them before but because you were not together one hundred percent of the time they did not bother you.  However while on the trip the habits you are discovering want to break you.  This is not something to worry about try to breathe through them and they will eventually pass.


Being Cranky

One if not both of you are going to end up cranky at least once throughout the course of the trip.  This is natural and you just need to get over it.  It will be nothing to worry about because as soon as you get to where you are sightseeing the next you will completely forget the reason for being cranky.


Vacation Romance

There is always something about a vacation that makes the romance between the two of you seem stronger.  You should make the most of it while it lasts because once you are home it will probably pack itself away again.



Being on vacation together will often bring a couple closer together because they are trying new things.  However it will also help you to find your strengths and your weaknesses.  You should make the most of everything you discover while on your trip and once you are at home be sure to keep up with whatever you learned.


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