Does He Like You For More Than Your Body

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There are many things that you need to worry about when you are in a relationship the last thing you need to do is worry about whether he likes you for your body or if there is more to it than that.  No one wants to be involved with someone who only likes you for what you look like and does not care about who you actually are.  Here are some of the most common signs that he likes you for you and not for what you look like. 

He Likes You Bundled Up

Someone who will pay just as much attention to you when you are bundled up than only when you are showing a little bit of skin and some cleavage is probably someone who is into you for more than what your body looks like.  The true sign is that he will pay just as much attention to you when you are not made up as he does when you are looking your best.

He Does Not Pressure You

When you are in a new relationship you will find that a man will want to become physical much faster than you do.  If when this happens and you turn him down if he threatens to break up with you it is almost a promise that he is only with you for the way you look.  In situations like this you should get rid of him as fast as you can.


A man who wants you for more than your body will not only tell you how sexy you are but how funny you are and how intelligent you are as well.  However if you do not find that you are receiving these kind of compliments he probably is only into you for your body.

He Listens To You

If you find that your man is trying to sneak peeks at your cleavage or is admiring you as you are walking away from him you should not worry.  This is something that is completely normal.  What is not normal is when he is completely focused on how you look and does not pay attention to what you are saying.  A relationship is not built on looks alone.

It Does Not Always Have To Be Sexual

If you find that everything you and your partner have to talk about always turns into a sexual conversation.  Talking about sex does not have to be the top priority.  Of course mentioning it every once in a while is okay but the relationship should not be built on sex alone.

No Other Girls

Before getting deeply involved with someone you should watch how he treats other females.  If you notice that he is commenting on every girl that walks by you can bet that he is probably out looking to have a good time and not get serious about someone.  However if you find that he is polite and does not have a wandering eye while he is with you then you can be sure that he is totally into you and only you.

Willing To Commit To You

If your partner wants to meet your family and get closer to you then he probably likes you for more than what you look like.  But in the unfortunate situation where he is looking for friends with benefits he is probably only looking at you for your body and the relationship will not become anything serious.

Being in a relationship is hard work on both sides.  Many times you will find yourself with someone who is only into you for what you look like.  In situations like these you are best to not waste your time and kick him to the curb.

Image credits to : Daniel Waschnig

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