Right Partner

Things That Are No Longer Scary When You Are With The Right Person

Many people try to remain single for as long as they can for the simple fact being that being in love can be a terrifying thing.  People are afraid that if they... Read more »
blind date

How To Have A Successful Blind Date

If you are interested in blind dating you will be pleased to know that it really is not any different than going on a normal date.  The only big difference is that... Read more »
Relationship Breakup

The Best Tips to Forget Your Ex after Relationship Breakup

When you are involved in a relationship and that relationship breakup might be feeling like everything else is falling apart as well.  You might seem like your entire life has stopped and... Read more »

8 Ways to Make Your Classroom More LGBT Inclusive

September is here, and school is starting. This year, determine that all your students will be able to learn in a supportive, inclusive environment. There are a few simple things to keep... Read more »
sex toys

Make the Most of Your Package

You are conscious of your package every day of your life, but you aren’t making the most of it. Gear Essentials brings you a full line up of products that can really... Read more »
La Pride

Kesha, Fifth Harmony To Perform at LA Pride 2015

With characteristic verve, LA Pride is set to celebrate its 45th anniversary beginning Friday, June 12. The three-day festival in West Hollywood features international performers, local artists, vendors, and culminates with a... Read more »
life look like

Men Like Other Things In Women Other Than What They Look Like

Believe it or not when a man is attracted to a women it could be for more than her looks.  Most women believe that men only look for looks or even the... Read more »
making love in bed

Modern Technology Working to Increase Sexual Satisfaction

For the most part, sex is still a pretty primal activity. When you really break it down, it’s just two people, following their biological urges. Maybe it’s sex’s simplicity in a complicated... Read more »
sexual relationship

Does He Like You For More Than Your Body

There are many things that you need to worry about when you are in a relationship the last thing you need to do is worry about whether he likes you for your... Read more »

New Year’s Resolutions That Will Make Your Relationship Better

Almost everyone will make New Year resolutions. Some of us will make the resolution to lose weight, save money, do better in school or even advance our careers but there is another... Read more »