Bad Habits In A Relationship That Need To Stop

bad habits in relationship

As an adult you do not want any bad habits that you may have to ruin a relationship that could be something long term.  When you are involved with someone who you really care about you will have emotions that are strong and some of your actions may be a little too much sometimes.  You might even think that your common sense has left and will never return again.  A relationship can be ruined by bad habits that you may or may not even realize that you have.


One of the worst things you can do in a relationship is to spy on the other person.  It is not right to steal his cell phone so that you can look through his recent phone calls or read his text messages.  It is also not a good thing to ask for his passwords so that you can monitor his Facebook account or even his emails.  This is showing that you do not trust him and will probably lead to him leaving you.  If you want this relationship to last you will need to have enough trust in him to allow him to do his own thing.

Too Much Time Together

A common habit that is found in many relationships especially the new ones is that you spend too much time together.  Even if he wants to be involved in every aspect of your life it is not healthy to have any time to yourself.  You still need the time to hang out with your friends or just to be by yourself for a little while.

Do Not Try To Change Him

You might not like everything about him but a bad habit to achieve is trying to change him.  This could be from trying to change the clothes that he wears to the television shows that he watches.  He might resent it if he sees that you are trying to change him and will move on to some one who wants him for who he is.


It is not healthy for any relationship if you are jealous.  It is normal for him to look at someone else but as long as he does not act on it everything will be okay.  However being jealous regarding every move that he makes will end the relationship and he will likely move on to someone who will not question him or watch his every move and get jealous if he looks at another girl.

Routines That Are Boring

Having a routine can be a very healthy thing for a relationship however if the routine gets dull it can be detrimental to the relationship.  What you should do to keep this from happening is to change a date night to something else or even to a different night of the week.  You could even change the restaurant that you go to and try one that you have never been to before.  There are many things you can do to keep things exciting and not boring.

Do Not Take Things For Granted

A common thing to happen when you have been in a relationship for a long period of time is that you start to take things for granted.  You should always complement your partner and try your best to keep the relationship exciting.  Many times once you are in your habits you will forget and things will start to go down hill from there.

Bad habits in a relationship will often times ruin your good intentions and good relationship.  It is a good thing to notice when your habits are turning the relationship bad.  When this happens you should start over and break those bad habits before they get too bad.

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